5 Hacks to Skyrocket Your Brain Power 🚀

1. Understand your chronotype and circadian rhythm.

Everyone is different: some people are early risers, others are owls, and the vast majority of the population is somewhere between these two types.

  • Buy a sleep tracker to monitor your sleep habits and adjust them (I use an Oura Ring).
  • Schedule your productive ‘deep work’ during morning hours (especially around 10 to 12am).

2. Extend your Neural Plasticity

We’re all navigating through life, taking diverse paths, and approaching things differently.

  • Brain workout: you can stimulate your cognitive abilities in different ways. Whatever you do, the trick is to stimulate your mind by challenging your brain’s problem solving and creative skills.

3. Expand your intellectual curiosity

Try to observe your environment from various perspectives, be a good skeptic.

  • Take challenges.
  • Learn new tools & methods to be more efficient.

4. Do HIIT

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) involves getting intense bursts of exercise in a compact format (as short as 7 minutes per day) while receiving significant physical activity benefits.

  • Download an app on your phone (I use the “Seven Workout” app at the moment).

5. Try meta-learning

If you’re interested in learning a new topic effectively, you can use the meta-learning method.

  1. Narrow down a programming field in particular: for example, Web development (break it down).
  2. Filter on popular Web development languages (e.g., JavaScript).
  3. Take a look at JavaScript Online course summaries (get information structure from external resources).
  4. Write your learning roadmap based on what you’ve discovered from the previous steps.
  • Listen, read, write, and explore other senses while learning to boost your memorization (multi-sensory learning).
  • Use Flashcards to test your knowledge.
  • Practice from day one. Start with a simple project, exercise, or even interactive courses. If you don’t feel in the mood practicing, you may take an active reading session.
  • Review what you’ve learned at a regular interval.
Mind map/Brain map



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